Study 2

This study will bring Trichotillomania patients and hair professionals together. As of now the recruitment is going to take place in the German speaking countries: Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

I am looking for 60 individuals with hair-focused repetitive behaviors including their head hair and between 20 and 60 hair professionals to offer a standardized, mindfulness-based hair treatment specifically developed for this study. Each hair professional could also do several appointments

Before the pandemic I envisioned offering a live-training for hair professionals in Hamburg with hands-on instruction and exercises. Now I have developed the training via video, Zoom and written materials, which allows the option to expand the study to English speaking Trichotillomania Patients and hair professionals.

The first trial-training will take place with six German speaking hair professionals in April and May. In June, we will evaluate the training in regards to its flow and efficiency, practicality and timing.

Here you can find the first 6 locations, where participating Hair Professionals will offer the appointments.  Status 4-18-2021